Shaq Joins The Worst Commercial on TV: “The General Insurance”

“The General Insurance” is one of those things like Cricket Wireless and Shark’s Fish and Chicken that I can’t understand if they’re a Chicagoland thing, or if they’re national. If you haven’t heard of them, let’s start here with a quick example of the horrid commercials:

From that, I’m imagining it has one store front, somewhere in Joliet. But then they pull off this Shaq endorsement, and completely throws off my equilibrium. Watch the Shaq commercial below:

If The General can pull off the Shaq endorsement, then surely Crossover Report could nab Doug Mcdermott, at the least.

We had the story this past week about why in the hell Kobe could be doing Chinese food delievery commercials, and couldn’t come to a great answer. And on this, I also can’t find a reason. Shaq’s worth $350 million. I can’t imagine The General even having $5,000 to pay him for doing this.

And you know damn well he’s not getting some cheap insurance on his nice cars. Can’t be throwing us knuckleballs like this on a Sunday, Shaq.



9 thoughts on “Shaq Joins The Worst Commercial on TV: “The General Insurance”

  1. These commercials are horrible. The acting is horrendous. The situations like the one where people are at a party wearing those SO STUPID helmets. OMG….Those helmets are so dumb looking. It’s embarrassing.


  2. Shaq has no shame when it comes to doing commercials. He can’t act either which makes it more shameful. Plus he is Co starring with a cartoon character, a bad one.

    I just feel like maybe he ran through all 350 million and needs to get his Rolex out of the shop.


  3. I honestly looked this site up to make sure it was not a look alike person doing the different commercials Shaquille has done. I am slightly amazed to find out just now its the real person. The various commercials he does are not a slickly made Madison Ave. one where they put an advertisement up the flag pole to see if it flys. It does get my attention to see t, but it’s because f the amazement I have Shaquille would really do commercials like the General’s.


  4. Money Inc has an interesting article about Shaq’s investments, he’s worth about $350M. He doesn’t endorse companies unless he uses them. In college, I guess he was a customer of the General and liked their service. The article doesn’t say if he is invested in the company.


  5. I just saw the commercial and instantly did a google search seeing if anyone else had these exact thoughts. I can’t believe Shaq agreed to do a commercial for them… It’s affecting his rep to me.


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