Moving ASG Out of Charlotte Due to HB2 is an Idiotic Move

It’s been swirling around NBA circles since the controversial law was enacted earlier this year. Everyone from PayPal to Demi Lovato to now the NBA have spoken out against the law, and pulled business from the state. Here’s the full statement from the NBA in regards to the law:

nba statement.jpg

The law’s not a great thing if you beieve in human beings being treated equally. Outside of the “not allowing transgender people to use the bathroom they associate with” part, the law also doesn’t allow local government to enact their own child labor laws, and also doesn’t allow cases on discriminatory firing based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. to be heard in state court.

And I’m sure the counter arguments have some valid points, but not enough to justify it. This law’s become an issue that’s the new “fad” to talk out against. Like when everybody starting sending bottles of water to Flint. An absolutely great and necessary thing to do, but there’s probably 5,000 Flints in America that haven’t gotten that attention because they weren’t a trending topic on Twitter. Everyone should fight for equality and rules that you don’t like, but you shouldn’t just be doing it so that it helps your career and gets you respect on social media. It’s great that it’s getting this exposure from people that have a larger spread, but I wish they’d do it everywhere they go, not just when it’s convenient.

Caleb Pressley of Barstool (a proud North Carolinian) went on a rant on his podcast that summed it up better than anyone else I’ve heard. Shitty politicians make shitty laws shouldn’t keep good things from the people of North Carolina. It wasn’t the Demi Lovato fans that wrote this legislation. North Carolina companies shouldn’t be taking the hit for what a small amount of elected officials decided. And lastly, and this pisses me off the most, PayPal shouldn’t be taking jobs away from people in North Carolina that need them just because there’s a tool in the North Carolina capitol building.

At the end of the day, the Governor’s not going to be chopping money off his salary to make up for the loss of tax dollars from these companies. It won’t be his child’s school that loses funding. It won’t be his street that doesn’t get the potholes filled. It’s the people of North Carolina that will get screwed. Good job NBA, you thought you were hurting the Governor, but you really hurt North Carolinians.


One thought on “Moving ASG Out of Charlotte Due to HB2 is an Idiotic Move

  1. This article doesn’t really understand how the whole political game is played. Yes it sucks for North Carolinians they don’t get the game but the whole point in pulling the game is to change the public opinion on the governor. North Carolina was the group of people that elected the slime ball and as a result the entire state pays for his wrong doing. What the NBA did effectively kills any chance he had on getting reelected which is better than them hosting a meaningless basketball game and probably lead to the law being changed.


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