There’s A LOT in the Draymond Police Report We Need to Discuss

Just minutes ago, the full Draymond Green police report from the past weekend came out, along with that stupid ass mugshot of his. And there’s a lot in the report that you and I need to talk about.

There’s two sides to every story, and we still haven’t heard Draymond’s. But Jermaine Edmondson, the MSU DB that got slapped, gave a statement to police. Here’s screenshots:

draymond police 1.png

draymond police 2.png

If that’s all proven to be true, then Draymond’s absolutely screwed.

All leagues, AS THEY SHOULD BE, have started cracking down on guys that assault women, after the Ray Rice incident. Even if Draymond Green’s not the one choking out a women, if his goonies are, his image will be tarnished, and Adam Silver will have a lot to think about. You shouldn’t have needed this to have a negative image of Draymond, but now you have another reason.

I want to be angry at him thinking he’s the shit, and hitting on Jermaine’s girl. But that would be any of us if we were in the NBA, don’t front.

Moving on to our next issue from the police report, someone explain two things to me: why’s Draymond still going to college bars? You’re 28 and in the NBA. Move on. And secondly, why are you (according to Jermaine), instigating fights with 21 year olds? GROW UP DOG.

And last but not least, let’s talk about what they found in Draymond’s pockets…

Not drugs or weapons or anything fun like that. but $7. SEVEN. YOU’RE IN THE NBA WALKING AROUND WITH 47 BURNING A WHOLE IN YOUR POCKET BOAAAAA FOH.

You can find the whole police report below:


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