NBA Fixes “Hack A Shaq” Rule…Kind’ve…Not Really

Learn how to make free throws.

That’s how you fix the Hack a Shaq rule. Make free throws, and then nobody has to worry about it. Would we outlaw 2-3 zones if everybody started playing them, and they resulted in 12 players shooting a lower percentage?

Of course not, okay. And the NBA’s starting to understand that. Earlier today, after Adam Silver had been preaching the whole year that they would address the rule, didn’t do anything in effect.

shaq gif

Starting next season, teams that are intentionally fouled off-the-ball player in the last 2 minutes of any quarter, or OT, will get 1 shot and the ball back. That rule previously only pertained to the end of the 4th and OT. As well, intentionally jumping on folks backs will be an automatic flagrant foul. Because of course.

And finally, ANY foul committed by the defense before the ball’s inbounded will be 1 shot and the ball back. Which we’ll all be looking back at in 6 months and wondering why the NBA enacted it. Fighting through a screen? 1 shot and the ball. Grab a little bit of jersey? 1 shot and the ball. There’s going to be lots of discussion on this, because it’s worded so vaguely. When’s a ball inbounded? When it’s still on a guy’s fingertips? What if it’s simultaneous? This’ll be the #DezCaughtIt of 2016-2017, I promise.



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