Future’s Baby’s Officially Calling Russell Wilson Daddy…

Now’s the time to invest in a bulletproof vest, Russell.

Was only a week or two ago that Ciara was in court saying that she thinks Future’s going to kill Russell Wilson.

Re-read that. In a court of law under oath, with the risk of perjury and losing the entire case, SHE SAID SHE THINKS FUTURE’S GOING TO KILL HER SUPER BOWL-WINNING HUBBY. IMAGINE THE 30 FOR 30.

Alllll of that was before video came out last night of Ciara and Russell Wilson getting their hair cut in what seems to be a high school locker room. And baby Future (which is bonkers when you think about it: naming your kid after your rap name?) asks for “mama kiss”, in extremely adorable fashion. And then, “Papa kiss”, once again in extremely adorable fashion. Only problem is, that ole boy’s actual father, Future, isn’t there. Check the video below:

I can’t speak to the Father-Son-Step Father relationship, but obviously it’s delicate. Sure, Russell Wilson might end up raising the kid and being the father figure. But fam, it’s sensitive at the moment. No more “Papa kisses” on Twitter and Facebook.



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