Thin-Skinned Draymond Green Slaps Heckler at MSU

“Draymond Green’s the toughest player in the league! He plays so hard. Nothing gets to him!”


ICYMI, late this past weekend, Draymond was out at Michigan State, hitting up the party scene. Red flag, dude’s like 6 years out of college. Let it go big homie.

Anyways, Draymond, thin skinned as always, was getting heckled by a Michigan State student athlete. So much, that Draymond thought the next best move was to slap dude in the face. Bad luck for him, he was standing next to a cop, who took Draymond into custody. You can see him in handcuffs below:

Once we find the whole video, we can judge whether Draymond’s actions were justified. Because sometimes, folks need to get hit. But, Draymond’s notoriously thin-skinned, and still shouldn’t be out here at college parties when he’s an NBA vet. Get ya grown ass on.

UPDATE (8:49 PM, 7/11/16)

The man that Draymond slapped has been identified as MSU DB Jermaine Edmondson, who will be a senior for the Spartans football team this upcoming season. Edmondson (unfortunately) plans on dropping all charges against Green. First reported by Tony Garcia of


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