Joakim Noah Once Randomly Showed Up To Phil Jackson’s Montana Home

As weird as it gets from the two of the lowkey weirdest guys in the league. It should come as no surprise that Phil Jackson lives somewhere in nowhere in Montana.

Here’s the surprise: Joakim Noah had never met Phil Jackson before showing up, uninvited obviously, on Phil Jackson’s front porch. Reporter Chris Herring had the full story:

I have at least 1000 questions.

Why did Phil let him stay, how did Joakim find Phil’s house, does anybody doubt that this house DEFINITELY doesn’t have plumbing and that all the food’s killed by a oompa-loompa-like man that Phil hired?

And lastly, I’ll be the first to say it, maybe there’s something squeaky going on between these two if you know what I mean. Just saying, Philkim isn’t the worst celebrity couple name that I’ve heard.



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