Did Kobe Get LITTTTTT With Snoop Dogg?

Late Wednesday, and early Thursday, a picture started circulating of Kobe and Snoop together. Well actually, a few photos.

There was this first photo, which was harmless, but at the same time extremely dope (no pun intended yet). As a retirement gift, Snoop tricked out a convertible in Lakers colors, and legendary Lakers on the front. Check it out below:

snoop and kobe

Snoop kind’ve ruined it by throwing his ugly mug on there as the biggest picture, but whatever. Then, oh boy, the two kept the Kobe retirement celebration going and got ABSOLUTELY LIT:

Aight, so probably not. Because it’s probably definitely photoshopped, and Kobe’s reps are already saying that Mamba wasn’t rolling with Snoop. He probably couldn’t hang with Snoop anyways in that field.

All in all, this is mainly just a Barstool ploy to get views which I of course respect, because views are the name of the game. But let’s be honest, with all of Kobe’s ailments, it’s not out of the question that the guy could’ve used some alternative medicine to heal those joints…



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