Olympics Update: Rio Police Holding “WELCOME TO HELL” Sign at Airport

Who else is pumped for the Rio Olympics, amirite?

Oh, nobody? Literally, maybe not one person? Good start.

Anybody flying into Rio will be welcomed by the “boys in blue” of Brazil, who will be holding up a sign that says “Welcome to Hell”, informing you that they haven’t been paid in months, and are not going to be able to keep the Olympics safe.

Which is a terrifying fact that leaders of the world are overlooking.

Why, Paul, why? Why are the politicians and businesses overlooking the fact that people will die in Rio due to a lack of security? Or that there are human beings that have had their houses torn down, and will be thrown to the streets like animals, for some games?

Because money speaks. And everyone will make a pretty penny off the Olympics. Ok, except Brazil. Oh, and Brazilians. Ok, ok, ok, and Brazilian police officers. But think about all the advertising Coca Cola and Budweiser will get! Think about the shareholders of McDonald’s getting a nice little bonus check this month, because all of their advertising will increase sales. Isn’t money worth putting millions of people at serious risk!

For the love of God, think about it.


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