Nick Young’s Stupid Ass Almost Blew His Hand Off on the Fourth (WATCH)

Once again, a 31 year old man that calls himself Swaggy. Forever red flags.

What stupid stuff has Nick done now? He can’t still cheat on his fiancee, because she dumped him. He can’t do something stupid on the court, because it’s the offseason.

So here we go, via TMZ, video of Nick Young, holding a lit artillery shell, that of course, BECAUSE IT’S LIT, blows up. In his hand. Watch below:

// Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I mean, he doesn’t have a long NBA career ahead, so who cares about his fingers.

You’re a millionaire, have somebody else do that for you. They should be carrying your weed, holding your guns, and lighting off your fireworks.


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