Who Should I Hate More: KD or Golden State?

I can’t blame Golden State for adding the best scorer in the world. Because anybody that could, would.

I can’t blame Kevin Durant for leaving Oklahoma City, because there’s a time where things just aren’t going to work out. That’s why Scott Brooks was fired. That’s why Thibs was fired.

But both of them, now almost equally, are hated.

Golden State? Hatred because they’ve been “actively recruiting” Kevin Durant for “months” according to reports. You had 73 wins. You touted yourselves as the greatest team of all time. You were the cocky shits that thought they could walk to a championship. And that whole time, you were thinking “man, we just need one more piece”? This is the team you all thought was the greatest of all time. The team that thought they weren’t good enough yet. These are your boys, Steph, Klay, and Draymond, that want an “easier load”. Cowards.

Durant? As Stephen A. put it, he’s choosing to “ride the gravy train”. There’s nothing wrong with joining a better team. There’s nothing wrong with trying to find a better situation. There’s something deeply troubling about jumping on a team just so that it’ll make your life easier. There’s something troubling about giving up on your efforts to beat the team that’s worked you two straight seasons. KD had every piece you could want on a team to win a championship. This isn’t Lebron leaving a terrible front office in Cleveland. This is leaving the best GM in basketball, and a top 3 roster in the league. This is running away from your weaknesses.

Kevin Durant’s one of the best human beings in the league, I mean that honestly. He gave a small fortune to the victims of those terrible Oklahoma tornadoes a few years ago. He’s funded after-school programs back home in D.C. He’s humble, and hasn’t forgotten about where he came from. I still get goosebumps watching him thank his Mother in his MVP speech, or crying in his mom’s arms after losing the 2012 Finals to Lebron.

But in terms of basketball, this. is. cowardly. I hate Golden State. I don’t hate Durant. But at the end of the day, they’re both cowards.


One thought on “Who Should I Hate More: KD or Golden State?

  1. They are both fucking cowards. They couldn’t beat Bron so they go out and get the second best scorer in the league. Durant is a bitchmade cowardly cunt for doing this as he had a great chance to win had he resigned with th okc this just proves Westbrook was always the man. But the warriors a are out here trying to sign everyone in the fucking league. Oh well, looks like lebrons block and Kyrie’s 3 is still haunting the supposed best team evere gtfoh. This just proves that hand the cavs been healthy they would have won in ’15 as the warriors were much better this year and still lost. Great article and thank you for doing what no one else’s wants to do, call out these bichmade cowardly faggots.
    I’m embarrassed to have the same surname as Stephen “fake MVP” Curry.


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