What Exactly Is Pat Riley Thinking?

This started off as an interview with the guys trying to raise $10 million on GoFundMe to supplement the disgusting offer that the Heat gave Wade.

But now they’ve gotten shut down across the board, so here we are.

What I was going to ask, is if Miami fans trusted the Pat Riley system, that’s helped bring 3 championships to South Beach? Or if letting an all-time NBA good guy, and great player, D Wade walk was crossing the line?

There aren’t many stars that would’ve welcomed in Lebron and Chris Bosh, and hand over the reigns like Dwyane did. Through the last 10 years of constant transition with the Heat, Dwyane Wade was the constant in South Beach. He’s not just a big-time role player, or a fan favorite. He’s the history of your franchise. He is Miami. And letting him walk would be embarrassing.

I understand the basketball decision, because if they somehow get KD, that’s a basketball upgrade. First off, they’re not getting KD. Second off, and it’s cliche, but keeping D-Wade’s more than just a basketball decision. He’s a leader, and the heart of the team. You don’t beat Lebron without him. And you don’t win a championship without him. Which are the two things that matter.



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