KD’s Free Agency Has Gotten Uncomfortably Weird

At the start of the free agency, I really thought it would be cut and dry. KD would meet with a few teams just to go through the motions, but ultimately go back to OKC. And he thought that too, with reports saying he was “90% going back to OKC”.

But now everything’s gotten uncomfortably weird.

Miami’s letting the guy that’s the face of their entire franchise’s history walk in hopes of getting KD. The Celtics are bringing in Brady to talk with KD. Steve Ballmer’s freaking crying.

I can’t imagine something I’d less want to do than be Kevin Durant right now. You’re thinking, why Paul? You wouldn’t want to go to meeting after meeting of teams stroking you off and offering you $200 million?

Not at all, because at this pace, the pressure will be astronomical come decision time. You have one of the richest men in the world slobbering on you during your Clippers meeting, and then turn around and there’s the greatest quarterback in NFL history with Uggs on telling you Boston’s a great place to live. I’ll pass on all of that.

Stay tuned to our twitter (@CrossoverReport) to keep pace when the oddity continues.


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