3 Guys That Will Definitely Move in Free Agency

T-minus 6 hours until the most hectic time of the NBA season stars: free agency.

Yes, the time where everybody gets duped by fake Woj’s and Broussard’s, or by the real Brian Windhorst. And with KD this year? I need some sleep now.

There’s always hype of guys leaving, but I’d say the majority of free agents end up resigning with their respective teams. Here’s 3 guys that will for sure be switching area codes this offseason.


He’s already said that he doesn’t want to come back to the Bulls, because he hates the front office. He’s still got a couple years of solid play in him, in the right situation, which would seem to be New York. Some of the money being thrown at him hurts my soul. There was a report that the Wizards would offer him a max contract, which dear god please don’t. And the Knicks, of course, are hovering around sending him 18 or 19 mil. More reasonable, but still more than a crap team should spend.


Jaylen Brown seems like a hint that the Celtics either aren’t confident that they won’t get Turner Back, or that they don’t want him back. He’s in the second or third tier of these free agents that teams feel they need to make the playoffs and win championships. Knicks and Lakers are interested, as they will be in anybody that knows how to dribble, as are the Pelicans, and surprisingly, the Warriors. With teams in need of bench depth, or someone that can start at the 2 or the 3, Turner will have lots of money thrown at him.


This man wasn’t making $1 million last year. Not even $1 million! Absolute peanuts in the NBA! As I said before, the Lakers are interested in anyone with a pulse, so they’re going to meet with Whiteside. I feel the most likely destination’s Dallas. They felt burnt bad by Deandre Jordan a year ago, and are still searching for that big man. And Whiteside will probably be better, considering Deandre Jordan’s the 2nd most overrated player in the League after that little shit from Golden State.


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