Kevin Durant Won’t Have a Long Free Agency

Thank goodness.

It felt like years that Lebron took to decide between Cleveland and Miami 6 years ago. And every bit of it sucked.

According to ESPN, that won’t be the case with KD.

Durant will be making his decision before July 9th, when he heads around the globe for promotional stuff. First off, great decision to literally jump ship after you either turn your back on the team that’s raised you, or wasted the time and crushed the dreams of the teams pursuing you.

That’s terrible news for the fringe KD contenders,because you’re going to be lucky if you can get more than one shot at the mega-star. Golden State, OKC, the Clips, and even my dark horse-the Spurs- will get their time in. But Atlanta? Boston? Miami? God forbid, the Knicks and Lakers?

Work hard on your PowerPoints fellas, cause KD’s not waiting for you.


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