Wizards Will Give Anyone $100 Million This Offseason

Heaven only knows what the strategy out in D.C. is for this offseason.

There was that fleeting thought that they would get Kevin Durant, but damn near everyone, including John Wall, has shut that down. Wall said this week that “Durant doesn’t owe us anything”.

But goodness, just because you’ve now got that money that you were set to commit to him doesn’t mean you have to spend it!

In this past week, reports said the Wizards are set to make Joakim Noah a 4 year, $120 million offer on the first day of free agency. Up to this year, only Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have ever made $30 million in a year. And Joakim No Knees Noah’s about to make that next season.

And now Washington’s reportedly ready to be the highest bidder for Ryan Anderson, a price tag that would run around $18 million per year. Yeah, that’s what Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler make.

Free agency doesn’t start until Friday, and I already hate everything about it and the new salary cap.


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