Tavaris Jackson’s Wife Roasts His Entire Career, as He Points Gun at Her Head

Talk about a badass, cast this woman as the next CatWoman/WonderWoman/IronWoman.

Tavaris Jackson, an all time mediocre quarterback, has officially gone off of the deep end. Earlier this week, police were called to Jackson’s home during a fight between Tavaris and his wife, during which Tavaris pulled a gun on her.

Then the police report came out, and oh my goodness, it’s HILARIOUS.

It’s not clear how the fight started, but the police details that it escalated to Tavaris pointing a gun at his wife’s head. And in a John Mclain-esque way, Tavaris’ wife told him “you better be more accurate with that gun than you are in game”.

boom roasted.gif

Count me as somebody with not enough courage to say that to someone with a gun pointed at me. Mad respect. And she makes a valid point, because Tavaris had a career compleetion percentage of 59%.


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