Ben Simmons Tried to Talk Crap to Bron After Draft, Got It Sent Back

19 years old and facetiming with Lebron James after you just got picked first in the draft. Worth $10s of millions before you play one game. What a life, man.

Ben Simmons was on the Dan Patrick Show on Friday, and Benny boy told DP that he got on Facetime with the greatest player in the world after the draft. And he didn’t ask him for advice or any of that crap, he did a move that made me respect him a helluva lot more.

He told Lebron he can’t wait to finally play against him. Which I respect, because I can guarantee the Sixers won’t be winning that one.

But Lebron had to do what he had to do, and without saying a word, flipped the camera around onto the Finals trophy sitting in his house. Legendary.

My question is, who told Lebron he can keep it? Will it ever make it to that 1 bedroom apartment Delly’s living in? Or whatever cave Mozgov calls home? Don’t be selfish, Bron.


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