Did Anybody Have a Good Draft?

Sat down to write an article like the “top 3 draft winners”, or something of the sorts. And then I looked through the draft, to see that everyone lost equally.

Phoenix was a front runner for my best team, which would’ve been an unpopular opinion, because they picked 4 of the bigger question marks in the draft. But in 5 years, we could see this as the greatest draft class for one team, ever. Marquese Chriss has been compared to hall of famers. Dragan Bender has the mechanics, and so does Skal. Only problem is that they’re all teenagers, and are years away from being reliable. Having each other to lean on will have to happen. Add in T Ulis, who scouts are split on, and you have the toughest draft to grade.

A lot of teams had great picks, and then followed it up with stinkers. Memphis picks up Wade Baldwin and Deyonta Davis, and then drafts a kid out of Serbia I’ve never heard of, and somebody from China. You need players now! You can’t compete now! Get guys that will play…NOW!

So overall, I don’t know who if anyone had a good draft. Milwaukee filled some needs, as did New Orleans, Denver, and even Sacramento despite that bananas 12th pick. Exciting draft, yes. No winners though.



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