UPDATE: JR Smith Still Hasn’t Changed Out of Uniform

Stank jock on 100 from PipeMaster Flex.

JR Smith appeared today at the Cavs championship parade shirtless (pictured above), which shouldn’t be a surprise to a single soul.

But what was more of a surprise is that JR still hasn’t changed out of his game shorts, and I’m around 77% sure he hasn’t changed out of his socks/shoes yet either.

Which is something I wish I could sit here and say is absolutely disgusting. But I’m the kid that didn’t wash his football practice jersey/pants for months at a time. Smelled like death every practice. But at least I had on fresh socks and underwear. That’s how you get diseases JR.

Plus how do you walk around in wet socks and pants? It’s one thing if they’re just smelly, but dry. It’s a whole other level of foul when it’s wet  and sweaty, and you’re still rolling around Cleveland in em. But if there’s one city you could do it in, I guess it would be Cleveland…


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