Is Jose Reyes Heading Back to Queens?

There has been lots of talk the past few days as to whether the slumping New York Mets will bring back former Mets player Jose Reyes.  Reyes who is currently with the Colorado Rockies will most likely become a free agent on Saturday after being designated for assignment on June 15.

Reyes has had a lot happen over the past several months, starting with being traded last year from the Blue Jays to the Rockies. Then in the offseason he was charged with domestic violence from an incident between him and his wife in Hawaii.  In late February MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced Reyes would be placed on paid administrative leave.  After Reyes’ trial on May 13,  Manfred announced Reyes would be suspended without pay until May 31, which would be the Rockies first 51 games of this season.  He was sent for assignment at the end of May, then reinstated from the restricted list, and the latest being designated for assignment on June 15.

That was a lot to follow, but the point is that Reyes will be open for teams to acquire and his former team in the Mets might be a possible landing spot.  He played in Queens from 2003-2011 and was an absolute stud.  Was a four time all-star, three time NL stolen base leader, won the Silver Slugger Award in 2006, and was the NL Batting Champion in 2011.

The Mets are 38-32 on the season and currently in second place in the NL East just four games behind Washington.  Injuries have been the biggest issue for this Mets team, and especially now with corner infielders David Wright and Lucas Duda out of the lineup.  The Mets offense has been quite due to the injuries, a big reason why the talks of Reyes back to New York have been sufficing.

I think that it makes perfect sense to bring Reyes back to New York.  He has spent most of his career with the Mets organization where he’d feel very comfortable.  If any team know him the best it would be the Mets, and with all that has happened to Reyes over the last year New York seems to be like the best landing spot.



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