Can We Wait Until Draft Night to Make Picks, PLEASE?

Tuesday, it was reported that the Sixers already told Ben Simmons they’ll pick him. Pretty obvious. As obvious as the Lakers then “leaking” to ESPN that they’ll be taking Brandon Ingram with the second pick.

I’d really love if we’d just wait until the actual draft to start making picks. What’s the point of leaking that information? First off, it takes away any excitement that comes from the draft. Leave a little bit of suspense. Let your guy sweat a little bit. If he can’t handle the uncertainty of not knowing if he’s the first pick or the second pick, he won’t last in the league.

And secondly, it kills us bloggers out here trying to get page views. Scrap that “Lakers Should Take Jamal Murray” article. The “5 Reasons Ben Simmons Shouldn’t be the First Pick” piece that’s sitting in your drafts? Adios.

Make the draft great again. Unless it’s a trade, keep any pre-draft pick info to yourself.


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