Why Did Klay Wake the King?

Lebron’s been a different man since his scuffle with Draymond in Game 4, absolutely going OFF in Game 5 and 6. And there’s only one person the Warriors can blame: Klay Thompson.

After it came out that Draymond called Bron a bitch, and that’s what set him off, Klay  thought it was time to run his mouth, saying Draymond got suspended because “Lebron got his feelings hurt”.  A quote that Lebron subsequently laughed at.

And then used as fuel to remind the Warriors he’s the best player in the NBA, by a long shot. If you’re a Warriors fan, you just have to ask yourselves why Klay would do that? You’re up 3-1 in a series, and you decide to piss off Lebron freaking James? He’s a one man wrecking machine that not one person on Golden State can stop.

But please, piss him off again! Please!


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