Ayesha Curry went bananas last night

Everybody knows the story, the king awoke to shake up the entire state of California last night. Ever Warriors fan and temporary supporter(me) are definitely nervous heading into game 7. The Warriors lost all their composure last night, they imploded at the end of that game. Nobody lost it more last night than Steph’s wife Ayesha, who took to twitter to vent her frustrations with the league.

The conspiracies about the NBA being rigged are simply stupid in my opinion so I won’t get into that. But if this what Ayesha actually thinks, she probably shouldn’t complain. The NBA being “rigged” has been quite good to her family i.e. 2 MVP’s and NBA title. So it’s not time to complain because of a tough loss. Your man is playing against a man possessed, Jordan himself may have his hands full with Lebron at this caliber.

I have no problem with a wife being so invested into a spouse’s game. But you can’t blow up when things don’t go your way. So Ayesha please calm yourself down, your man has one more game to win. Save the rigging talk for if he actually loses this series.

*All of her other crazy ass tweets were deleted and she has since apologized for the tweets saying “it was the heat of the moment.”

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