Thibs Dangling 5th Pick to Reunite With Jimmy Butler

“Distance means so little, when someone means so much.”

That’s the text Thibs sent Jimmy Butler last night, right before getting in touch with the Bulls front office, to let them know their 5th pick in the draft’s on the table, according to ESPN’s Chad Ford (not the text, that’s a CR exclusive), in exchange for one of Thibs favorite players, Jimmy Buckets.

On top of that 5th pick, the T-Wolves would have to give up Wiggins and a couple more players/picks. I don’t see the Bulls parting easily with their superstar, and one of the best two way players in the league.

From a basketball standpoint, I don’t know how to break this down. Bulls won’t agree on this until draft night, right before the 5th pick, when they know exactly who they can take. Would be idiotic to give everything up just to end up with Dragan Bender. If Jamal Murray somehow slips that far, I think you see the Bulls start to ponder this.

For the Wolves, it makes perfect sense. They have a superstar in KAT. Jimmy Butler has the best of Wiggins, Muhammad, and Lavine, and more, in his own game. So there’s no real pain in trading a few of them off if you can replace them with one guy. Reverse moneyball. o



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