Cavaliers Put On All-Time Great Finals Performance

Even someone who dislikes Golden State as much as I do couldn’t have expected the Cavaliers to show up like they did last night, and absolutely jock slap the Warriors.

And not even just win, but do it with 2 of the best Finals performances of our generation, and 2 of the best all time.

Think about the numbers for a minute. Kyrie Irving went 17/24 for 41 points, absolutely embarrassing the Warriors defense each possession.

Lebron had 41-16-7. Who does that? The answer’s nobody. We don’t have a research department, but I’d bet both my pinky toes that nobody in Finals history has had a 40-15-7 game. Lebron took those “his feelings got hurt” comments to heart, and in legendary fashion, killed the guys talking shit quietly.

I’ve never seen two teammates slice and dice a good defense like the Cavs did last night. Sure, Draymond Green not being there was a big deal. But I don’t think even he could’ve stopped them last night.


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