3 Lies the Media Told Me About the Cavs

Coming into this postseason, and coming into the Finals, the media predicted it to be a close one. They told me that the Cavs had the weapons and firepower to match Golden State. So unbelievably wrong. Here’s 3 more lies they’ve told me about Cleveland:

1. Kevin Love’s good at rebounding

This one stretches back to his Minnesota days, because he was grabbing 20 boards a night. Watch him now, even before he was hurt, and it’s atrocious. One out of every 5 rebounds he’ll move his feet. And further, one out of every 10 maybe he’ll put a body on somebody. This’ll sound old, but what happened to boxing out? Nobody does that any more? It’s not cool?

2. Channing Frye would be the X-Factor off the bench

Partially due to coaching decisions, partially due to him not being assertive, he has 2 points this whole series. As many as James Michael Mcadoo. Embarrassing. I don’t know why Tyronn Lue’s only playing him 7 minutes or less per game, considering he shot 14-24 from 3 in the last series, and the Cavs need points. But he’s not even shooting the ball when he gets it. He’s not even being a z-factor in this series.

3. Kyrie Irving’s a good fit on the Cavs

Look past the numbers for a minute. Because he somehow ended up with 34 points on 50% shooting last night. He kills any hopes they have of offensive fluidity. When he’s going one on one at the end of the shot clock, fine. But he’s turning into James Harden where there’s no chance of a pass coming from him once he takes his first dribble. He’s going one on 5 on fast breaks, and isn’t big enough or good enough to be doing that. Despite the points, he’s the biggest reason their offense is off track.

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