Study Shows NBA Players Spend a Year of College Tuition, EACH MONTH

Personal Capital, which for the record sounds insanely sketchy and shady, released a study today that shows the average NBA player’s spending $42,000 every month, coming to a total of nearly $500,000 each year.

Which is every reason that nearly 2/3 of NBA players go broke once they retire.

It’s a sliding scale when you consider how they come to the average though. For instance, Tim Duncan hasn’t spent $42,000 in his entire NBA career. He’s a guy still shopping at Salvation Army, and walking through the stands to pick up free shirts after home games.

On the other hand, you have Russell Westbrook, who will undoubtedly be broke once his career’s over, because he’s got to be spendind $50,000 on clothes alone each month.

It’s your money, and do whatever you want with it. No pity when you have to start working at Home Depot though because you blew $50 mil.


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