Must Win for Cavs

There’s nothing more cliché in sports than saying a game’s “must win”. Because every single playoff game can be justified as a must win. You can say Game 1 was a must win for Golden State. But in reality, they can’t all be must win.

That being said, this game’s a must win for Cleveland in my eyes. Let me explain.

Golden State had the momentum coming into Game 1. Even though Steph and Klay didn’t show up, and it was a missed opportunity, it wasn’t the end of it all for the Cavs. Because their goal is to split the first two in Oakland. The door’s still open tonight for that, but they can’t let it pass.

Going back to Cleveland down 2-0 gives them such slim odds to win. They’ve got to all show out tonight. JR, Channing Frye, and Shump have to at the very least shoot the damn ball.

#StopWarriors #NeverSteph


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