Why Cleveland Fans Shouldn’t Be Worried, Yet

Let me start by saying, losing to the Warriors when Steph and Klay combine for only 20, is a monumental disappointment. Because that’s not going to happen often.

But still, Cleveland fans shouldn’t be overly concerned about the direction of these Finals. Not yet at least.

Lebron and co. had one objective in these opening games: split them. They don’t have to win each one. It’s not like they were clearly overmatched last game, Golden State just played phenomenal defense, and forced the Cavs back into their bad habits. Kevin Love’s in his first Finals. Kyrie basically is too. Tyronn Lue’s coaching his first. Relax.

There are some decisions you have to question, though, that will make you worry if they pop up in Game 2. Channing Frye can’t play 7 minutes in a game, when he’s been on fire. And on top of that, he can’t be taking only 1 shot. Shumpert can’t take 1 shot. And now all of a sudden, JR Smith doesn’t want to shoot the ball? The one time they’ve ever wanted him to?

Reason to worry? Yes. But they shouldn’t be yet.



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