Floyd Mayweather Made More $$$ Betting on Two Golden State Games Than You’ll Make in Your Whole Life

What do you do when you retire at 40, with more money than God?

Bet butt tons on basketball games apparently:

In total, he bet, $240,000 on Game 6 of the WCF, and then Game 1 of the Finals. And got back damn near $525,000. That’s a profit of around $285,000. Over 2 games!

I really do not like Floyd Mayweather, but you can’t argue that he was a hell of an athlete. When he says he’s the greatest boxer ever, better than Ali, Tyson, Rocky Marciano, it sounds bonkers, but how can we even argue it? All he could do was fight who was put in front of him, and he did that every time. Like Ali, he’s cocky af. Unlike Ali, he’s cocky af about his money, which is why I can’t stand him. The day he’s dead broke will be phenomenal.


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