Steph needs more than this title to make a statement

What has been a roller coaster of a playoffs for Steph Curry will finally come to a climax starting tonight with game 1 of the NBA Finals. The 2 time MVP has been put in the upper echelon of Basketball stardom by some, while some hesitate to put him above others at his position in today’s game. Curry is a scoring champion, NBA champion and 2 time MVP yet he’s still missing one thing that would make him a staple in the upper echelon……  a finals MVP.

Winning a NBA Champion carries a ton of weight when looking back at great players and two NBA titles would surely bolster Curry’s resume. However, if Curry were to lose out on another Finals MVP, the chatter surrounding whether he can be a closer would ring louder than Oracle. Every great team has a leader regardless of how good the supporting cast is. Two MVP awards show Curry is that leader in the regular season, a Finals MVP cements him as the leader of one of the NBA’s greatest teams.


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