OBJ and Khloe K Getting Cozy…RUN ODELL RUN

When will athletes understand that the Kardashians aren’t good for their careers? That they’re out here making calculated moves for their careers, and will dump your ass when it’s best for their ratings.

Did James Harden make it out of the first round this year? Is Lamar doing okay? Where’s Reggie Bush? OJ’s doing life. Big Hump averaged a double-double before Khloe broke his heart. TLOP was an absolute masterpiece, but even Kanye’s losing his damn mind in that family.

Please, Odell, just don’t do this to us. You’re so young and talented, wait until you’re like 27 to start shacking up with the Kardashians. Give us a few more years of legendary catches and plays before Khloe sucks your powers out of you.

All of this went down at Drake’s house, which has turned into the Playboy mansion this summer with OBJ. Check out the pictures below:


And neither of them can deny it’s them, considering they both have indistinguishable features…


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