Kevin Durant’s Potential Contract Next Summer is…GOOD GAWD

We’re all talking about Kevin Durant finding his future home this summer, but looking at the bonkers money that could be coming his way next summer…

Yeah, he’ll definitely be in OKC for another season. If Durant signs long-term with OKC this season, he could get 5 years, and $145 million total.

But if he just signs a one year contract, and then a 5 year extension next summer, OKC would be giving him a total of $226 million over the next 6 season. $226 MILLION. MY LAWD. That’s nearly $38 million per year, and the last 5 years would be closer to $40 million per year.

Other teams could give him big money, but “Bird rights” that give players who have been with the same team a 35%-of-the-salary-cap max, and then annual raises of 7.5% of your contract. Which is why Lebron’s signing one year deals in Cleveland to wait and sign his long-term contract in summer 2017.

For Durant, though, it will be interesting to see if the money’s what he goes for, or if he truly doesn’t think he’ll find a championship in Oklahoma City, and that’s what he lets make the decision.



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