Badass Mexican Soccer Player Escapes Kidnappers, Kills One


“However, Monday morning Quintanilla Attorney Ismael Acosta gave a press conference to confirm that the player escaped his captors to keep him in a safe house. Earlier, the player himself told the police that in a careless hit one of the gunmen who guarded in a room. Then he took the gun and shot him. Then he broke the windowpanes, prompting the second gunman escaped. He later called authorities.”

That’s the Google translated version, so it’s not great. But luckily, your boy here took Spanish last semester and understood the actual gist of it..

Alan Palido’s the name of the soccer player, and one of the Mexican cartels had taken him while he was out to dinner the other night. It’s a somewhat common thing for this stuff to happen to pro athletes in Mexico, I think, because the families can pay the ransom. Happened to a baseball player earlier this year or late last year. Such a badass/Jason Bourne-esque move to steal the gun from the guy, shoot him, then escape out the window. He probably ran 15 miles to safety.

And who said all soccer players were soft.


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