Larry Bird says “this may be best Basketball ERA”

The respect garnered by the NBA in the 1990’s is more than well deserved. The games greats like Jordan, Magic, Bird, Shaq, Kobe all either left their legacy or started one during this time. Not to mention the greatest basketball team ever assembled won gold in 1992. So why would any star from that ERA say today’s game is better?

In a recent interview with Fox Sports Larry Bird began to second guess the greatness of his era in comparison to now:

magic bird

“Watching these kids play now, I’m like everybody else: ‘Wow, man. They can really shoot!’ They have freedom to get to the basket. The ball moves a little better. These kids are shooting from farther, with more accuracy. Now some teams shoot up around thirty threes a game. My era, you always think, that’s the greatest era. But I’m not so sure anymore.”

Bird says he’s not sure so he is not coming out and saying today’s better. But it is amazing to hear one of the greatest players from  basketballs toughest ERA would even give this soft ERA a maybe. He played against Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, so for him to say he’s impressed with this generation says something.

*Also Bird would be willing to incorporate a 4 point line into the league.


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