Warriors Think They’re Cool in Worst Photoshoot in History of Cameras

This comes straight from the San Francisco Chronicle, who wrote this fluff piece to try and make people like the Warriors. And it was completely serious.

Quotes include:

“The Golden State Warriors’ style on the court is unparalleled — players’ names are uttered with reverence once reserved for gods and gladiators.”

“Given the players’ sartorial swagger, The Chronicle decided to take a look at the Warriors’ personal style off the court.”

Gag me. You’d think that a city that’s been at the forefront for advancements in the LGBT community would know some things about fashion, right? Apparently not, because each of these pictures is worse than the last. In my position, it’s hard to discern whether I should laugh or puke at each picture. Because they’re that bad. Funny enough to have me in tears. Bad enough to actually force food and bile out of my stomach. And they think it’s “high-level fashion”. It’s dudes in jeans and t-shirts from Kohl’s. Stop blowing their kazoos.

Pics below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Painful how hard they’re trying to “just be normal dudes”. They look like a basketball team in Eastern Europe full of guys who were big in college, and still try to make themselves looks like they’re important. Get over yourselves.



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