Benny the Bull leaves Chicago

Benny the Bull has been a staple for the Chicago Bulls the last 12 years. In 2015 Benny even brought home the mascot of the year trophy. But it looks as if his time is coming to a close. The man under the mask, Barry Anderson, decided it was time to call it quits after a 12 year career as Benny.

Anderson said on his facebook page that he is looking to travel the world more without his “fuzzy friend”. Benny was a very in your face type of mascot that brought energy and enthusiasm to the United Center each night. Though Benny the Bull will still be around, the personality is sure to change.

This is one of the biggest losses of the off-season for the Bulls and none of us saw it coming. This season was an absolute joke,but at least we had something to hang our hats on in the mascot of the year. Now we can’t even retain a mascot. This is a grim start to what seems to be a cloudy off-season in Chicago.




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