Warriors vs. Celtics: Immediate Post-Game Reaction

The Warriors home winning streak is over!

Fans in Oracle Arena didn’t know what to do with themselves. Their team hadn’t lost there in nearly 14 months. Which made this even sweeter.

I don’t like the Warriors. If you didn’t know that, well, welcome to Crossover Report. I’m assuming it’s your first time visiting our site. I encourage you to read my other scathing articles on Steph Curry’s lack of defense (which he showcased by not covering Isaiah Thomas tonight), lack of skill, and overall lack of being a person that I enjoy.

Moving from that, the “greatest player in the world” scored 2 points inside the paint the entire game. 2. Dos. Chinese word for 2. I understand it’s his game, and shooting is what he does. But go to any neighborhood hoop, and I promise you Steph would be labeled such a you know what. I know crap like that doesn’t fly at Crossover Report Court (Roche house). This shouldn’t be a Steph Curry article though.

The Celtics are real. Like really real. I like to think of the NBA conferences as political parties. And each one is choosing their representative that they think will fare best. Are we so sure that the Cavs will be the biggest reps for the Eastern conference? In a grassroots effort ala Bernie Sanders, the Celtics may be our best reps.

They showed heart, without their leader Jae Crowder. Brad Stevens should win coach of the year. He’s helped mold together guys that would be out of the league if they were under other head coaches into contenders. Marcus Smart and Jared Sulinger the biggest examples of that. Every time Draymond (who’s a liability on the court when he gets close to 10 assists, because he goes out of his way to get it), Barbosa, etc. hit a three, Kelly Olynyk or Jonas Jerebko hit one right back. Those aren’t guys that should be huge pieces, but Brad Stevens has created that kind of atmosphere.

As a self-designated super-delegate, I nominate the Boston Celtics as the Eastern Conference representatives.


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