Lil’ Wayne Signs First NFL Player

Mr. Z (first name Jay) was revolutionary when he started his sports agency, and plenty thought that would be a flop. Well now he’s got KD on his side, and the dollars are rolling in for the mogul.

Well Weezy thinks he’s at the same level.

I know nothing about Birdman and Lil’ Wayne’s (roast) beef, but that’s playing into it. Birdman signed Mike Evans to Cash Money Sports. CMS doesn’t have much on them except for that. You’d think they’d have a big online foot trail if they were rolling in the Benjamins. There’s some stories they’re connected with an agency that represents winners like Randy Gregory and La’el Collins, but the connection between Birdman’s company and another (Priority Sports) remains murky.

@reggienorthrup #youngmoney

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Back to Wayne. He signed Florida State’s Reggie Northrup, a linebacker. Don’t know anything about him, except that he tore his ACL in the College Football Playoffs in 2015, but still played every game this past season. Intestinal fortitude. Part of his announcement included saying that “Lil’ Wayne likes sports, and he likes me”. Profound statements, and huge if they’re true.

This gets Northrup’s name out, so smart move on his part. Wayne’s folks are apparently handling the marketing of Northrup, so not contract negotiations. It should also be noted that Wayne once said that he was doing Christiano Ronaldo’s marketing, which wasn’t true, because Christiano freaking Ronaldo doesn’t need a rapper who hasn’t put out a good song in 5 years (or whenever 6 foot 7 foot came out).




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