Lakers Ruin Kobe Bobblehead Night…Again…Again

Last time should have been the last time. The first time honestly should’ve been the last time.

But the Lakers are back at it again, with my favorite story line of Kobe’s final season. Here’s LA’s third attempt at producing a Kobe bobblehead:

kobe bobblehead 3

You remember the what the first one looked like and the second one. But I think this one’s the absolute worst yet. Actually cried a little bit when I went on TMZ and saw this headline.

To me, there’s a multitude of things you could say this one resembles. First off, it bears a striking resemblance to handsome Squidward. Secondly, a very gaunt Kevin Garnett. Either way, it’s not Mamba. Only a few games left, will be interesting to track how many more times the Lakers can make a bobble-head of somebody else and slap a Kobe jersey on it.

Comment with what you think this “Kobe” bobble-head looks like


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