Chris Paul’s wife is receiving death threats

According to TMZ  Sports, Clippers Point Guard Chris Paul recently recieved a tweet that was quoted saying “if I knew where you lived I’d probably kill your wife and frame you for it. I watch dateline I get away with it.” Paul has reported the authorities about the situation but there have not been any arrests made.

I think what we’re seeing here is another frustrated Clippers fan, lashing out on social media. The guys a fan of a team whose always come second in the city of LA, and then when the Lakers falter, the Clips can’t take advantage of the opening. Maybe he can’t take all the heat he’s getting from his Lakers friends? The guys crazy no doubt, but the Clips have been giving false hope to their fans for years now.

The Clippers on paper seemed to have a roster capable of winning a title, with an All-Star duo of Paul and Blake Griffin. They also have one of the games best shooters in JJ Redick, Deandre Jordan is one of the best basket protectors in the game, and Jamal Crawford is continuously in the running for sixth man of the year. Not to mention Doc Rivers is without question one of the best basketball minds in the league.

All in all the guy should be arrested soon, because there’s really not much of a chance his Clippers win a title this year and nobody wants to see what he does when that happens. My advice to the guy(as a Cubs fan), there’s always Next year so don’t do anything to irrational this season, a simple scream at your TV and one tear shed will suffice.




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