Kill the Limping Horse: Kobe’s Last 8 Games

Every time I’ve been to the horse races, my horse is the one with a neck twitch that can’t even get out the gate, and that they eventually take to the shed and shoot in the face.

Well there’s a lot of people who wish they could shoot Kobe in the face to end this year long limp.

On Monday night, the Lakers lost were ass-blasted by 48 points against the Jazz. 48 points. To the Jazz. I mess with Gordon Hayward so hard, but no NBA team should ever lose by more than 35 points to another NBA team. You could throw my SLU squad out there and they might be able to keep it within 48.

Kobe has vowed to played in each of the last 8 games, and you just have to wonder why? I guarantee 5 losses (LAC x2, BOS, MIA, OKC). A win against New Orleans is possible, but then the two against Utah and Houston are…well…losses.

I’ll give it to the guy, he’s warmed up a few times this year. Going off for 28 a few days back was one of them. But he’s out there with a broken leg, and we’re doing nothing to help him out. Play that one final game in Staples Center, get everyone teary eyed, and go make wine. I surely won’t be watching.

Update: Wizards coach Randy Wittman said “I don’t know why he’s retiring. Maybe I can convince him to play a few more years.” 

Don’t you dare Randy. Don’t. You. Dare. 



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