D’Angelo Russell Snitches on Nick Young’s Adultery

Not a great week for love in the NBA.

Even before Kyrie got burned by Kehlani, Nick Young got his sauce spilled by rookie teammate and #2 overall pick D’Angelo Russell in a video uploaded to Twitter (below).

First off, with respects to Kehlani, dear God is she overrated. A women with knuckle tattoos? No. I’d rather not be dating a member of a biker gang. You can do better Kyrie. Maybe not in Cleveland, but in another city.

Alright, Nick Young. Not even going to get into an Iggy Azalea conversation, because she gets such a bad rap (pun intended) by everyone. No need for me to pile on. It’s more or less an open secret that Nick Young’s not faithful. There have been pictures taken on a few occasions of him getting grabbing a few honeys when his woman’s out of town. Doesn’t help his case.

nick young

While it’s a terrible and not-so-swaggy thing to do, I’m putting plenty of blame on D’Angelo Russell. This isn’t how you earn respect in the league. Not even that Nick Young is a guy that you need respect from, but yikes. Secretly taping somebody? Asking them leading questions about his adulterous affairs? While watching E? D’Angelo’s still supposed to be in college don’t forget, and this seems like a very freshman in college type of thing. Make no mistake though: If D’angelo didn’t want this to get out, it wouldn’t have gotten out. Very Frank Underwood-type scheme.

Worst. Teammate. Ever.

The video raises questions too. Lakers players can’t get their own rooms? Is there enough room in the hotels for the egos of both of them? Rich people put stickers on their laptops?


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