Samuel L. Jackson Weighs in on Coach K-Oregon Controversy


All fans of the game are entitled to opinions, but when you’re a celeb, you’ve got to find the chill somewhere around.

But when you’re Samuel L., your persona is swearing and having less filters than Flint. Check out some of the tweets below:

I’m sick of these mother******* trolls on my mother******* timeline!

I also didn’t think the kid was being disrespectful in any way at the end of the game. The shot clock was running out, and he jacked one up to avoid it. He very well also could have taken the turnover, but what’s one more shot? We see it a lot when there’s a windmill dunk or an alley oop at the end, that the coaches get angry. But that wasn’t the situation.

That being said, Coach K was completely in his right to say something to him after the game. We’re not talking about Brad Stevens saying something to Lebron about how he didn’t like Lebron’s attitude in a game. We’re talking about an all-time great coach that has 5 championships, a couple gold medals, and countless NBA players.

Butt hurt? Yes, yes he was. But that doesn’t mean he stepped outside of his bounds.


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