Iowa State Cheerleader Takes One For the Team

Iowa State didn’t win, and didn’t cover. Virginia really gave em a kick in the face.

And then they literally kicked an Iowa State cheerleader in the face too.

With only a few minutes left in the game, a kicked ball off an inbounds play ricocheted straight into this poor girl’s face.

The best part about all of this was the announcers. One quote was “It hit her square in the face”, and then they went on to notice how “it really nailed her straight on”. A classic March Madness moment that I hope we can have for years and years to come. CBS zoomed in on ole girl the entire time she walked off, probably with a broken nose and smeared mascara.

I feel for the girl, because she’s all over Twitter now, and most of it is people laughing hopefully with her, but at the least at her. Nothing wrong on her part. Just have to hope somebody else gets one to the face soon, so she can go back on social media.

She eventually returned to the floor (pictured above) for the last few minutes. What a freaken trooper. I wouldn’t have the balls to get back to the scene of the crime that quickly. 

Updated video



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