JR Smith Thinks He’s Part of Lebron’s Super-Team

Lebron made headlines, again, when he said he one day wants to play alongside Melo, CP3, and Wade before his career ends. For someone supposedly in “playoff mode”, Lebron hasn’t shut up about non-playoff related stuff recently.

Everybody feels like they would be great on a team like this. It’s like when Kanye was making TLOP, and every rapper from here to Bangkok thought their feature would really bring it together.

I would guess that, no, JR Smith would not be the preferred choice to help fill out the roster of the super team. JR’s already played with Melo and Bron, and has won a total of 0 championships. He’s a poor man’s Manu Ginobli, both of whom are either the best player on the court and draining 30 footers, or couldn’t make the JV roster at a high school in Montana.

Alright, so JR’s not on the roster. But it makes you think who else might get the “honor” (is it really an honor to watch the four of them blank-blank each other for a whole year?).

You need shooters on this team. Gotta assume Ray Allen comes out of retirement for this one, even at 53. James Jones and Mike Miller follow too, and let’s throw in Hinrich in case of injury.

Could use some vet big men. Perkins is a lock, but need a backup plan when he gets hurt in the 2nd half of the first game. Anthony Bennett will come around? Could use a Jordan Hill in the mix as well.

Finally, a young guy at the guard to help them out. Shabazz Napier has always been part of the few guys that Lebron likes in the league. Him and Delly are the backup point guards on this roster, have to be.



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