How Nike Lost Steph Curry is Absolute Gold


Any time we have a story about something not going right for Steph Curry, I get excited in all sorts of ways.

ESPN’s story today about how Nike dropped the freaken ball with Steph Curry coming out of college did that for me.

The story goes that after Steph got picked, him, Del, and Steph’s agent were doing the advertising and shoe deal rounds. They role up to Nike, and the leader in sports apparel sent their D team for the pitch.

Del says the biggest issue was they kept pronouncing his name “Steph-on”. Not hard to imagine a couple of stuffy white guys from Wisconsin struggling to prounce Steph’s name. Stephen is difficult though, because it could be pronounced Steph-on, Steven, or Stephen. I’ll give them a pass on that. Should’ve played it safe and called him Mr. Curry or Steph (or loser).

But that’s not the best part. Apparently, they reused a PowerPoint presentation that they used to pitch KD, full with Durant’s name and pictures. Why is Nike using PowerPoint in the first place? That’s the best technology they have? As Dwight Schrute says, “PowerPoints are the peacocks of presentations. All flare, but no meat.”

Even further, if they’re going to use PowerPoint, they could literally hire somebody to just make PowerPoints. They’re worth billions of dollars. Get one of the impoverished kids you have making shoes to just produce PowerPoints.

I do love the disrespect they showed Curry. I’m sure he’s actually a great human being, but I’ll likely never meet him to be able to judge that myself. While Steph went on to be a huge get for UnderArmour, I’m happy I don’t have to boycott Nike for having Steph on their payroll.


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