Coach K Thinks ESPN Hates Him, Might be Losing His Mind

Remember when I said that the first time that ESPN showed Coach K’s Sweet 16 stats and how remarkable it is that he’s so “good” year after year, I’d shut the TV off?

Didn’t expect it to be Coach K himself that brougt it up.

The Blue Devils play tonight against Oregon, and thus the press conferences with 19 year olds and whatnot.

At a sneaky 69 years old, Coach K stole the show today with crazy old man quotes. “It’s interesting with ESPN, every time I look at the ticker, it’s something we haven’t done”, said the coach.

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

Did somebody associated with Duke just say that ESPN hasn’t treated them fairly? The same ESPN that has played 26 Duke games this year? The same ESPN that’s put Coach K in 10 commercials over the past year? The same ESPN that projects Grayson Allen as a top 20 pick, even though buddy absolutely cannot ball?

The list goes on, and there are some more graphic scenarios that I imagine have happened between ESPN honchos and Duke. Coach K trying to rile the troops up, and make it an “us against the world” scenario’s admirable. They need the motivation too, because they’re not a good basketball team.

And they don’t need to make up an “us against the world” scenario, because we all hate you guys anyways.


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