Why Upsets Ruin March Madness

Every year the whole nation gets in a tizzy hoping for a crazy March Madness with upsets everywhere. That’s fun to say, but then the upsets happen, and it’s not as magical.

When Georgia Southern won last year, I screamed. Same for Arkansas Little Rock this year, and Middle Tennessee today.

But then you get past that initial excitement, and realize you no longer have Michigan State or Purdue in the tournament. Or you no longer have elite players. Brackets aside, I want to watch good basketball games. These low seeds aren’t more talented, which isn’t a knock against them, but just a factual statement. Good for them on winning, but not good for us viewers.

Are you going to watch Middle Tennessee State play Syracuse? Not a damn chance. Arkansas Little Rock and Maryland? I’ll pass 8 days a week. Nobody wants to watch them past the first round, and if you say you do you’re a liar. Unless there’s something polarizing about them (aka coach is dying, they have a Jimmer/Steph guy, they’re dunking like FGCU), it’s not fun to watch a 12 play a 13, a 14 play a 9, etc.

Give me talent. Give me powerhouse vs. powerhouse. I don’t want chalk, that’s not fun at all. If the teams at the top always won, sports would suck. But nobody can look me in the eyes and say they will honestly enjoy Middle Tennessee State in the next round. These teams haven’t been the ones I described as Cinderellas I’ll watch. There’s no Jimmer. They’re not dunking. They’re just a regular basketball team that found some extra motivation for their first round match up. Yawn. A nap sounds more exciting.

In all, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the upsets. Seeing the little man win one gives all of us some hope. In terms of basketball? Upsets like this one are the absolute worst.

This was written before the Oklahoma game ends. If they lose to Cal State Bakersfield I’m selling Crossover Report.


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